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embrace your edge


why Jenny


You’re here because you want to get out of your comfort zone and have life pack a punch.


The problem is you are stuck in a rut, doing the same things every day, and don’t feel like soaking up all life has to offer. Your inner voice is only a faint whisper. You probably know the things you want to do but feel inhibited.


I get it, and my mission is to help you really see yourself, listen to that whisper, and turn it into a roar. I share tips, life stories, yoga stories and advice via email newsletter, YouTube channel, and blog on how to maximize your time here on this planet, and have your life pack a punch. I want you to get out there and do that thing that scares you a little. I want you to feel alive and have endless experiences. All the while being true to yourself. Doing YOU.


I spent years questioning that voice telling me who I was and what I wanted to do. I let others’ voices have too much influence. I distracted myself and made myself small for lots of reasons. My idea of balance was to keep my martini from spilling as I made the tightrope walk from the bar to my friends. I gave in to fear. I didn’t push myself past my comfort zone enough to really grow. Through evaluating many challenging life experiences and lots of practice I’m now a yoga tigress. 12 years of yoga has brought me to become a certified teacher in yoga and aerial yoga, a mother, an aerial circus performer, event planner, fundraiser, mingler, inventor, and community connector.  I found a way to stay grounded, hear my true self, and still find adventure every day.


Stick with me and I’ll help boost the color in your life by doing something that scares you every day.


Embrace your edge.



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I decided I wouldn't die without trying circus. At 35 I signed up with my young daughters for an aerial arts class and chose to fly. Performing in shows at The Actors Gymnasium has pushed me to the very edge of my comfort zone. 

It's hard. Really hard. And every class I'm a little scared, and very humbled. 

I am helping bring these classes that teach grit, determination, courage, and community to as many kids as possible.

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