"Jenny works equally well with beginners and advanced students and is quick to offer modifications if a certain pose isn't working. After one of her classes I feel strong but limber, energized but relaxed, and reminded to move through life with intention. "
-Carrie Jackson

why Jenny



Jenny believes obstacles aren't in our way, they are the way. In every one of her classes, she helps her students use the ancient tools of yoga to remove obstacles and become the best version of themselves. Jenny is a different kind of yoga teacher. She takes her love of academia and science, blending it with many styles of yoga to maximize the experience for her students.

She is the Wellness Advisor at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, teaches at Northwestern University'’s Recreation Center and studios around the Chicago area, specializing in Yin Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, and many types of meditation. RYT in Hatha Yoga and KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher. She also chairs the board of a circus and performing arts school, performing as an aerialist there as well.

Fun facts: She almost became a Marine Corps officer, and she gave birth on TLC's A Baby Story in a tub in her kitchen. She invented a design that took her to MIT and the second round of Shark Tank. 

Author of two upcoming books. One on overcoming disordered eating using ancient and little known yogic practices and the second is comprehensive Kundalini Yoga Posture Manual. 


"Her classes are consistently some of the best yoga classes I've ever taken and that includes classes from private yoga studios. Jenny regularly incorporates wellness and mindfulness into her yoga classes so I always leave feeling stronger in both the body and the soul."
- student at Northwestern University


"I've had many good yoga teachers, but I especially love Jenny's classes. She has the gift of being able to present the overall picture, the philosophical background, while focusing on the details of posture and giving personal attention to each of her students. Heartily recommended." -Jamie Evans

“What I love about Jenny’s teaching style is the contradiction it sustains. She recognizes the thinking skeptical mind as the most susceptible entry point.  She begins by engaging your ever-rationalizing Cartesian brain, (the one that talks you out of coming to yoga class at some ungodly hour,) explaining the scientific and medical value of the pose or the exercise. It all makes terrific sense and you’re in. 
But then the magic. Once knee deep in the asana or the breathing, when you are  sweating and reevaluating previously held notions that you’re in pretty decent shape for your age and since when was breathing such a workout;  you realize you’ve been tricked. And the whole thing is a ruse to open the heart space, the sweet gooey center where unlimited potential is unleashed as an accidental byproduct of the whole stinking ordeal. 
Jenny is a master and anyone lucky enough to add themselves to the ranks of her dynamic student body is fortunate beyond measure and should  be hungry and prepared for interior and exterior transformation of the most profound order.” -
Elizabeth Lazar

“I was apprehensive to even start classes being a runner, with only intermediate experience in yoga, and having no aspiration to connect with the spiritual-side of yoga. I couldn’t be more grateful that I got over my initial concerns and tried it out. Jenny is an adaptive, welcoming, and immensely thoughtful teacher. Within a surprisingly short amount of time she is capable of challenging your body and mind through her yoga instruction. She is incredibly talented at strengthening both body and mind while taking into consideration the different strength-levels and audiences she is teaching. I cannot say I share the same belief system that yoga draws into, that doesn’t matter in Jenny’s classes. She caters to all walks of life and has an incredible ability to positively change the way I think about things, especially difficult work and life situations. She’s polished, relevant, and knowledgeable”. - Beth Joyce