You Ever Embarrassed? Yeah, Me Too- My First Podcast Interview

It's Mardi Gras! A perfect excuse to go out and embarrass yourself. Right? Maybe not.

Usually we don't choose to embarrass ourselves. It usually happens by accident and then we usually try to cover it up.

Well I put my embarrassment on display here in this Podcast. 

I reveal the stuff we usually cover up when we're embarrassed. It was easy to do that because I was sitting in a cozy room on the floor with pillows and friends. I forgot the mic was in front of my face recording every musing. 

I also talk about my journey with Karma Trik and give a little behind-the-scenes on that process. 

The campaign continues and if you like it, please let your friends in on the deal. :)
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At the end of the day, embarrassing ourselves is a good thing. It means we are alive and in the world. So go out and embarrass yourself tonight.

Especially if it scares you.