Meditation For Self Authority

We can connect with our inner wisdom and
stop looking outside ourselves for answers.  

Sit: comfortably in Sukhasana (easy pose) or at edge of a chair, sitting tall. You could be standing do if you need this in a pinch. 

Hands: Tuck the thumbs into the palms and make two fists. The knuckles of the first fingers press together. Hold these in fists in front of the heart, arms bent at the elbow but relaxed.

Inhale deeply through the nose.
Exhale through the mouth with pursed lips. 
Inhale through the pursed lips. 
Exhale through the nose. 


Time: Set your timer for 3, 7, 11, 22, or 31 minutes

Meaning: Yogi Bhajan explains this meditation: "Caliber is the ability to maintain the projected status and activity of our committed self. When we become our own directive authority, then the psyche can fulfill the self, and you can be happy. Normally we reflect authority and initiate chaos out of an attempt to create individuality by difference rather than through integrity and wholeness. This meditation enhances your capacity for caliber, to hold and execute self-authority." 

Tips:   Enjoy these long deep breaths and make them last. There's no rush to get to the next breath. Soften the belly and let the diaphragm move down below ribs, allowing the belly to push out. We are filling up like a balloon, getting bigger on our inhale. The exhale isn't passive. We actively use our core muscles to draw the navel and sides back in firmly to squeeze out every last drop of air.