Pulse Meditation

Do it on the train or during a meeting if you're in a pinch and need to calm down, ground, or get connected to your rhythms.  

Sit: comfortably in Sukhasana (easy pose) or at edge of a chair, sitting tall. You could be standing do if you need this in a pinch. 

Hands: rest two or three fingers on the inside of your opposite wrist until you feel your pulse. 

Breath and Chant:
Mentally chant "Sat Nam" (rhymes with But Mom) with the beat of your pulse. 


Time: Set your timer for 3, 7, 11, 22, or 31 minutes

Meaning: Sat Nam connects us to our true spirit, our highest self, the truest essence of ourselves. Sat Nam is our best self, free from the ego and it's confusing thoughts. 

Benefits?  This is a simple form of mindful meditation. The benefits come from simply bringing the mind to one point of focus. Pulse is a good one because the sensation of it is compelling. It draws us in and we really have to still ourselves in order to feel it. It also connects us to our body's biological function. We remember that we have this vehicle made of organic material and it's an incredible machine. 

The one point of focus stills our mind, gives us mental space, calms us, and allows us to start seeing our thoughts for what they really are. We can take a step back and not be so attached to the 1,000 thoughts that run across our internal screen every second.