"Jenny has been much more than a practitioner of yoga. She made sure that every session was a challenge physically and mentally. She pushed me to get into shape and acted as a support for overcoming obstacles in my life. Working with Jenny has been literally life-changing. "    -Elazar Weiner

Yoga Teaching Schedule

Mon at noon       Vinyasa Flow at Northwestern University Recreation

Tues at noon Yoga Blend at Kellogg School of Management (Church St. Location)

Tues at 4:00 Yoga Blend at Kellogg School of Management

Wed at 9:00 Kundalini Yoga at Oto Float

Wed at noon     Vinyasa Flow at Northwestern University Recreation

Wed at 1:30 Drop In Hour at Kellogg School of Management

Thur at noon      Vinyasa Flow at Kellogg School of Management

Thur at 3:00 Yoga for Aphasia at Northwestern University Recreation

Fri at 1:00 Meditation at Kellogg School of Management (Church st. location)

Fri at 2:00 Meditation at Kellogg School of Management

Sat at 10 am      Kundalini Yoga at Urban Yoga Chicago

Sun at 4:00 pm    Yin Yoga at North Shore Yoga 1407 Greenleaf st. Evanston

Third Saturday of every month   Temperance Trikonasana- all levels Yoga Blend fundraiser.  
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What they say

I am grateful to be Jenny’s student.  Her practice is her passion, and her passion is infectious.  Her aura invites student engagement with a combination of science, spirit and motivation.  She teaches knowledge of self and the importance of breath, not simply the poses and mechanics. Her feedback is about learning, and is shared in a kind, teaching manner. As I was facing the normal daily challenges of life, as we all do, plus the trauma of a near-death experience, I was exposed to Kundalini energy. As I began to look into Kundalini, I found I was being held back by the very thing I wanted to overcome - fear.  Jenny removed that obstacle and put me at ease.  I have incorporated kundalini practice into my life through Jenny’s classes.  I feel more connected, confident and alive.  Jenny’s guidance is supporting my journey towards happiness.  -Phil Goss

"Jenny has been much more than a practitioner of yoga. She made sure that every session was a challenge physically and mentally. She pushed me to get into shape and acted as a support for overcoming obstacles in my life. Working with Jenny has been literally life-changing. "- Elazar Weiner

"Couples yoga was a wonderful way to introduce my partner to yoga and my studio. We learned exercises that allowed us to be part of and assist in one another’s yoga experience. Working through those challenges together was transformative!" - Erin Miller

"I was in a couples yoga class led by Jenny Arrington. I don't typically practice yoga with my boyfriend, who is not a regular yoga practitioner, so this was a first for us, to do this as a couple. I went in tentative, unsure if I would become irritated, or if this would actually be fun for both of us. Would he just give up, or would he jump into everything? I had to let go of perfection, and I'm not necessarily talking about him-- I'm talking also about myself. It was soooo much fun. He did in fact jump in with me, and it occurred to me, why wouldn't he? Between the two of us, he is much more playful, me being the more serious one. So he jumped in, and I let go. This was a fantastic option away from the typical dinner and movie that we could do together that elevated our sense of togetherness, strategy, partnership and playfulness. It was another way to get to know each other physically and as a couple in a setting where we are both equally responsible for the experience we have. And while that may be true with everything in life, you get to see it unfold immediately, right in front of you, as you hold hands, put the soles of your feet together, and lift them up to the heavens! Yes, we did it. Didn't think it would happen. And... Jenny is so good!" --Savitree Kaur. 


Since I've joined Jen's Yoga class on Thursday mornings, I have noticed some great changes in my body. I play football on Sundays and prior to joining Jenny's class, I would often skip my gym workouts on Monday and Tuesday mornings due to body soreness. Since joining her class, my soreness has decreased tenfold. Now I find myself less sore, more limber, more energetic and excited about going to class every Thursday. I am even noticing better results on the football field- I'm less tired and more energetic which makes me a more well rounded player. If you are looking for a yoga practice-Jenny's yoga is the place to be. Last but not least, Jenny imparted on me a pose I now use in my daily life called sphinx pose. I often take my coaching calls with clients while in sphinx pose versus sitting at my desk which I learned can cause some unnecessary wear and tear on the body. The sphinx pose feels like I a m treating my body in a kinder way. So anytime I can watch a football game or work with a clint, I find myself doing that in sphinx pose. It has been a wonder for me and I definitely plan to continue. - Terry Dyson, 43. 

I've had quite a variety of teachers in the almost 20 years I've been practicing yoga, and Jenny ranks as one of my favorites. She has a beautifully nurturing and accepting spirit, and immediately makes you feel at ease. She encourages you to move forward and grow not just as a yogi, but also in other areas of your life. Conversely, she also stresses the importance of listening to your body and to rest when needed- physically, emotionally, or otherwise. Jenny works equally well with beginners and advanced students and is quick to offer modifications if a certain pose isn't working. After one of her classes I feel strong but limber, energized but relaxed, and reminded to move through life with intention.
-Carrie Jackson

Jenny's Monday yoga class at noon has become integral in my schedule this past quarter. I wanted to say thanks for bringing on such an awesome new yoga teacher. Her classes are consistently some of the best yoga classes I've ever taken and that includes classes from private yoga studios. Jenny regularly incorporates wellness and mindfulness into her yoga classes so I always leave feeling stronger in both the body and the soul.- student at Northwestern University's Recreation Center

I've had many good yoga teachers, but I especially love Jenny's classes. She has the gift of being able to present the overall picture, the philosophical background, while focusing on the details of posture and giving personal attention to each of her students. Heartily recommended. -Jamie Evans

I’ve been regularly attending Yin with Jenny for over 6 months now, and I’ve noticed that not only am I more limber (with more open hips!), but I find myself using the meditation techniques she teaches in my daily life. Jenny's explanations and real-world examples of the monthly themes also stay with me after class, and the ideas spur thoughtful discussion with my family over dinner each Sunday. I’ve practiced yoga on and off before, but I’d never found an instructor whose guidance resonated beyond the classroom. So thank you for hiring such a wonderful teacher- Josh Gilbert


Jenny has taken me from zero to understanding not just the poses but most importantly, the way yoga can improve my mental state. -Sean McGowan


Yin, in my opinion is the perfect mix between physical activity and meditation. Focusing on mind, with the strength of the body. Jenny introduced me on a whim, and changed my entire outlook on this realm. From dedicated, focused instruction to correction and encouragement, Jenny brings wisdom and passion to a new and somewhat unknown art form, while keeping the pupil in mind at all times. -Peter Medlock



Class Details


If you want to experience what yoga was like thousands of years ago, Yin Yoga is for you. The name has been newly coined but the practice is ancient. The poses are all on seated and held from 3-10 minutes with a focus on stillness and meditation. This style works the connective tissue, providing lasting structural change in your body. 


Yoga Blend brings together Vinyasa, Kundalini, and Yin Yoga to create a unique, total body experience. No part of the body will be ignored. Breath and chanting begin and end each class to ensure you leave class feeling revitalized and seeing your infinite potential.


Jenny believes in moderation and going with the flow. Although we'd all like to spend two or three hours a day taking care of our bodies, most of us don't have time for that. Sometimes we only have 30 minutes. Yoga HIIT combines 10 minutes of yoga and 20 minutes of high intensity interval training in a warm room. Sweat, practice some asana, and be ready for the day in 30 minutes. 


Be that person who will try something a little scary every day.Let yourself be weightless and fly. Use the aerial fabrics to deepen and enhance your yoga practice. It is a great prop for beginners to help self-adjust and feel what it's like to get deeper into asanas, providing natural alignment adjustments. It is also great for advanced yogis as it highlights imbalances that you wouldn't otherwise notice on the ground. Aerial yoga inversions help take pressure off the spine without risking neck injury. All asanas using the fabrics will engage your core more often as well. 


You may feel intimidated by yoga studios or by the world of yoga in general, but earnestly want to see what it's all about. Jenny will gently introduce you to the basics and make yoga an accessible practice for you.  


Private lessons can consist of up to two people and provides a very focused, hands on experience, with one-on-one attention. If you are just starting out, working with an injury, or looking to deepen your practice, Jenny will make sure your time is tailored to fit your needs. 


Group lessons are great for a family or employees at their place of business. Jenny can tailor the class to fit the group, while differentiating for those who need more advanced work, have injury, or are just beginning.  Group yoga is a great option for lunch-time wellness programs. Yoga improves physical and mental health. It will also refresh, refocus, and ground employees, helping to make the rest of the work day productive. 


Know that you have control over your nervous system and start meditating. This is the practice that will help your cognitive function, your ability to deal with challenging situations, and get to know yourself in that deep way that will allow you to feel whole.


We want to make our bodies more alkaline, a place less likely for disease to make a home. Learn the many ways manipulate your breath and bring your body to the next level of healthy. Breath control is one way to know you're practicing yoga. Breath seperates yoga from "stretching" and "gymnastics". Pranayama is one of the eight limbs of yoga and will also aid your meditation.