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"I’ve noticed that not only am I more limber (with more open hips!), but I find myself using the meditation techniques she teaches in my daily life. Jenny's explanations and real-world examples of yogic philosophy also stay with me after class, and the ideas spur thoughtful discussion." -Josh Gilbert

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"Your Monday Meds meditation series is fantastically effective - you have taken ancient cryptic spiritual practices and made them accessible and relevant for stressed moderns in an era of resistance! Your approach, spare and practical and elegant, leaves the practitioner at once calmer and more animated - indeed a better version of herself! Bravo! Keep them coming - what a gift! Thank you!!!" -Liz Lazar

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 "I’ve never found an instructor whose guidance resonated beyond the classroom. She is such a wonderful teacher."
- Josh Gilbert

Jenny has taken me from zero to understanding not just the poses but most importantly, the way yoga can improve my mental state.
-Sean McGowan