Mindful Executive NeuroCoaching

Typical executive coaching focuses on workflow, output, productivity, leadership training, and career projections. They too often get bogged down in corporate strategy, endless action items, and visioning. Individuals walk away from these sessions with a little hope, but mostly a longer list of things “to do”. What’s missing? Attention to the whole person, your overall wellness, and all of the overlooked ingredients contributing to the current state of affairs.

A mindful executive session leaves us feeling lighter, and with veils lifted, having a better understanding of the truth of our situation. It’s a waste of time to meet with a coach just to walk out with a list of action items that we could’ve made on our own. A mindful executive session unlocks our inner wisdom, gives us the confidence to connect to our instincts, and overcome limiting fears.

Jenny’s approach? Deep change and meaningful progress occurs only when we figure out what deep emotional blocks are getting in your way. Jenny is able to discern what core issues are blocking movement on a particular issue, project, or relationship. She also looks at the whole picture and can sense things that aren’t easily seen on the surface, blocks that are often the key to making game-changing moves. She then uses rare yogic practices that were historically taught in secret to retrain your brain and give you a competitive advantage that few people have mastered.

Jenny trained under Harvard Neuroscientist, Dr. Srini Pillay, Gurudass, Sat Kartar, and Gurutej. She combines techniques to optimize your brain’s potential with ancient spiritual practices to maximize your outcome.

This is not therapy. This is a holistic, mindful approach to executive coaching that is a refreshing makeover in the field.

Jenny takes a small number of clients monthly.