Pass The Salt

A dinner party with purpose, Pass The Salt connects a different group of four guests each episode to discuss a topic. The guests are carefully curated to bring insight to challenging issues while still having fun. 


The first episode, "Inclusion", brings together Josh Gilbert, owner/founder of Temperance Beer Company, Porschia Davis, Manager of the Youth and Young Adult division at the City of Evanston, Elizabeth Lazar, writer at the Huffington Post, and Rob Bady, candidate for alderman in the City of Evanston. 

Teaser Trailer


Pass The Salt is not only an opportunity for connections among guests and viewers, but to products and services as well. Viewers experience the guests fully engaging with a whole host of products related to dining and entertaining. We welcome partnerships that are authentic to the mission and it is our intention to be transparent in these relationships. The transparency will be apparent through the guests direct use of and comment on partner products. Nothing sneaky here. Viewers see right through that. 

Full Episode "Inclusion"

Next Steps

Pass the Salt will line up guests who are experts in their field, thought leaders, and celebrities. Future show topics will include:

parenting ("Free Range vs. Helicopter)
police engagement and violence
light pollution- Potential guests: Audrey Fischer, Chicago Astronomical Society and Paul Bond, International Dark Sky Association
race ("Racism among Progressives?")
beauty ("Who decides what is beautiful?")
health ("Nature vs. Drugs")
legal drugs

The intention of every episode is that the viewers walk away thinking in a new way and have idea that is actionable.

This is not about "having the conversation" which is usually the starting advice when addressing a group of people who want to make change. We are beyond the conversation. People want to know what they can do. We give them the thing to do, while they are entertained. The old "vitamin in the dog food" bit, but in this case maybe it's the "tumeric in the risotto".